All design is information, begining in the form or color of a typografy to the creation of a logotype. Furthermore, design is a powerfool information tool, used by mass media and blogs to… Continue reading

Control The Technology…Don’t Let It Control You

This week I found I spend more than 24 hours surfing the internet, playing video games… Laptops, iphone, ipad..the technological devices help me a lot in my daily life. However, I think sometimes… Continue reading

We are sensitive human!

We are sensitive human!  Humans have emotions,humans are sensitive, but machine just a machine whatever it is a automaton or a computer. Since the dawn of time,humans have a conflicted relationship with machines,… Continue reading

Machines for whom?

“Speech, sound, and music are suddenly come under human control.” Machines have been developed for better communication. Speech, sound and music became under human control as the development of gramophone. People could record… Continue reading

My best friend is (in) my laptop.

The day after Ken’s lecture on machines, I was having a chat on Facebook with a friend of mine. We happen to be very close friends, but the time we have spent together… Continue reading

Transformers is a submersed part in my childhood

This painting is a feedback for  the lecture. Technology age –>machine–>toy –>my childhood ….   Actually, I did not like toys such as dolls when I was little girl. However, I usual played… Continue reading


To analize is the mental ability to be conscious about what happens around you, and to be able to go deeper, further than appearance. The analysis is linked to the understanding of images… Continue reading


(picture: Bruce Nauman) The ideas are creations of the maind. Is a gesture from inside to outside. In this way, the opposite to learn is to create ideas. To create is to make… Continue reading

The revolution of Communication

From the lecture of “ Machines: History and hardware”,I was curiosity about the invention of the machines effect on the historical development. After doing some research, I listed five great inventions and also… Continue reading

Evil Machines… not really

I thought that it is always the same argument and the same thought – We influence machines, because we make and create them. Then they influence us and the way we live changes.… Continue reading