Design makes it possible to communicate with people with different language skills and origin. You can also use many different ways to make a specific statements or to communicate something. Design speaks any… Continue reading


there is no useless knowledge. every direction you are going to explore is part of the greater whole, part of the solution, part of the final good.


Don’t think too much. Start to create things.


Everything which happens arround us has a certain effect to our selves. intentional as well as unconsciously. These experiences have much influence on our decisions, reactions, ideas –  deductive to our lifes.


The fact that we can change people’s life with the help of modern technology makes me very happy. Unfortunately also horrible things happen with the use of technology but it is normal that… Continue reading


There are lots of Chinese young men who like to stay at home and spend many times on Internet in recent years. Many people misunderstand the term “indoorsman” equal to “otaku” which is… Continue reading


    This talk linked human ever more to the machines. The human irreversibly tend to be a machine, with repetitive gestures, on the other hand, the machines could be described as a… Continue reading


Sometimes, people do not want to show everything what is inside their mind deeply. So, I think most people have their own mask to hide them selves. Also, communication design shows something to… Continue reading

Brain storming

Most designers start their works with brain storming. It can be informal but all things or words which come from brain storming can help the outcome much better. For example, although the words… Continue reading


Design don´t need to be brave, but a good design is always brave. To create new designs the designer need to risk, to be brave and not to worry about fail. A risky… Continue reading