When people chat with somebody, if they get misunderstand over and over, they might have problem in their relationship. So, to become closer to audience, communication designer should keep having a conversation through… Continue reading

World Wide War

Powerful weapon surrounding our everyday life. In the past, there were various and enormous wars. At that time, the country, has developed powerful weapons secretly, could not but won. Thus, it has been… Continue reading


Designer should ignore and forgot all memory form ex-design, as you should to create new form then on. Arts are quite abstract, and differences have difference idea from difference experience, culture, and education… Continue reading


Sharing the joint use of a resource or space. 1. As a designer, we should be work for the whole world, such as human being, plant, animals and so on, share every resource… Continue reading

open source

I don’t understand why so many people don’t open source their work. Does everybody think that his work is so unique that everybody else wants to copy it?


Failing is essential for your progress. To fail means that you tried something and that you’re not afraid of experimenting. -failing is human-


Every design tell it’s own story. I think ervery designer should clear on the fact that his work bring a message not only to his target group. Every design outcome tells a story… Continue reading


Not everything is fun and sometimes things do not turn out the way you expect but don’t take everything too seriously. Pleasure at work creates a better result!  


Respect the attitude and perception of people of all ranks, respect that you are not the only person on the planet and respect that there will be still someone who can do “it”… Continue reading


Our environment affects us anytime and everywhere. It influences our feelings and conversations as well as our ideas and decisions. I think our environment  affects us more than we actually know. In my opinion… Continue reading