Most lectures seem to spin around human vs machine or human merges machine. A month ago I went to an exhibition about the ‘super human‘. It was interesting, grotesque and strange at the… Continue reading


To be brave enough to make some decitions, even if some other elements are in danger or can be lost. Braveness and risk are one same thing, they are totaly linked. We need… Continue reading


Is the ability to implement an idea. It is related with the process and the resources. Is the way designers turn an idea into reality, and that´s why is an important part of… Continue reading


“Kitsch originates from German term verkitschen (similar meaning to ‘knock off’ in English” by Sethapong Povatong In my opinion “Kitsch” can related to “Nostalgia” and “Vernacular”, this three word had something that can… Continue reading

Everything’s linked

  Nobody could deny that we live in a network, but we have always been in a kind of network regarding to the society and the whole world around. The technology has actually… Continue reading

Awesome Technology

Alright, I understand that everything has two sides to it and as a reflected practitioner we have to keep questioning and questioning and take nothing for granted. But if I see a clip… Continue reading

foresight / hindsight / unconscious

Network is like an endless and uncertain cosmos. An intense but invisible battlefield is going on here. You will be an inventor if you have the foresight, and you might say:”I will win… Continue reading

a party of scientists and artists

This is not only a war; it is also a war for scientists. Everyone absolutely does not like the war, as it is quite horrible for the world. People would be die, economic… Continue reading

The new digital battlefield

One of the most exciting areas of innovation right now is the screens themselves, particularly the OLED technology. Although it may seem like just another addition to the alphabet soup for underpaid teenagers… Continue reading

Up to date

Communication designers might enjoy creating something new. If designer want to be successful in communication with audience, they should provide their design works before audience already start to feel boring on the latest… Continue reading