Big Responsibilities

As a Designer of any kind you need morals and you need your own manifesto: What do I do and what don’t I do? What am I comfortable with and what not? What… Continue reading


An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. This is a quote I have hung up on the wall in my room. I got it last year from a client… Continue reading

Tell me a Story

Who doesn’t love to listen to a nice story? To invent a tale and to take someone on a journey is a skill. The wilder your own imagination the more potential your stories… Continue reading

Inspiration everywhere

Inspiration is of course a keyword and without inspiration we sit in front of an empty sheet of paper, staring at it, maybe a little longer and wonder what to do. Inspiration is… Continue reading

Please Play

Design should be fun and the best way to be creative is through play. Use pencils, colours, cut out bits and bobs, have fun and forget boundaries. Play means to be free and… Continue reading

Go wild – Experiment

I think it is important to try always something new and do not restrict yourself. Restrictions cage creativity and you lose a lot of possibilities that might have had great potential. If you… Continue reading


Passion is what people notice when you talk about design and it is what they can see in your work. It is the spark that sets of the fire and initialises a journey.… Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome, group W 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!