Silent and noise

John Cage has two ways of thinking that amazes me. One is the noise and the other is the silent. What is amazing about the idea of noise in Cage is that he understands the noise as a sound, without judging it. He really understand not just noises, but life through noise. Who stops to hear the traffic? It is annoying! But it is just because we are judging it before hearing it. To hear is the best way of being in the present. Every sound is mixed with other sounds, and a concrete random mix of sounds happens just one time, just in that present. But there is another way of finding this present: The silent and that is the other part of Cage that amazes me. He uses silent in order to have the same effect, because silent is not possible, there is always some other sound. If you stop for a moment and try to hear the silent, without judging, without being afraid, you will hear things you would never hear.

I want to share some videos of John Cage that inspired me: