Even dreams themselves are dreams








What is life? ‘Tis but a madness

What is life? A thing that seems,

A mirage that falsely gleams,

Phantom joy, delusive rest,

Since is life a dream at best,

And even dreams themselves are dreams.

Calderón de la Barca

Dreams, reflections, shadows, illusions… They are all copies from reality, and we are able to perceive them by the senses. They are similar to reality, but is not reality at all. From the beginning of existence, a question about reality has been ask by philosophers. Talking about dreams is talking about everything since we don’t know the limit. That is what Calderon de la Barca was talking about: Everything is a dream, and dreams are just dreams. How can we be so sure that reality is real? I don´t think I can trust my senses, as they seem very incomplete.

Dreams or fictions are productions inspired by real life, they come from reality, and that is why they seem to be so real. But, is it the real world an inspired dream as well? Hume talked about illusions. To explain it, I am going to put the films example. Moving images is a fiction, is just a moving complex and unreal effect created by simple images. Hume explained our conscience like this, he thought that we don´t exist at all, we are complex ideas created by very simples ideas that we put together in order to know who we are, but it is just an illusion. We don´t realize about this because we are very accustom to see ourselves like this and we think that is real.

Real life can be just a dream or an illusion, and we are just making fiction from fiction.