Space and Cultures

Space has change with the technological evolution, with the passing time and the life changings, so now we have less places to sit in the street because everybody needs to run, we have more shoes shops because people want to consume that and capitalistic system requires it so, forest are transform into urbanizations, etc. Space has change with the years; but something that I see very interesting is that space change also with the different cultures. For instance, houses are completly different in spain and in england. Actually, the most interesting thing about it is that most of the companies that sells space devices or furniture, needs to break this particular caracteristics in each country. That is, different ways of seeing the space is a problem for global economy.

A great example of how a device try to conect with different spaces is Beolab of Bang and Olufsen. It is a Danish speaker which cost 15.000 euros each. I think is interesting to see how this company understand perfectly the psicology of Danish interiors house, but it fail trying to make it work in the houses of the rest of the world. What I mean is that Danish people are more likely to stay at home, because of the weather, than Portuguese people for instance. That has a repercusion in the fact that Danish houses are bigger and have more developed silling rooms than Portuguese houses. The relation between this two concepts is that Beolab is not just a speaker, but it works as well as a modern and beautiful sculpture, and the design is its biggest atractive. Bang and Olufsen closed the year 2008 with economic losts, furthermore, they are losing their danish identity trying to do an universal design who everybody love.
Each place has his caracteristic spacial design and I find interesting how small factors as the weather, the geography or the food can change everything.  Space is not changing just temporally, but culturally.