Real or fiction?

It´s amazing how reality can be more increible than fiction, how the most imposible ideas are now real thanks to technology and evolution. In the lecture Ken Hollings talk about technology on war, the promotion of new inventions. This happens when two or more countries are against each other and they need competition to show the world who is better or more powerful. But this competition can go sometimes further than making technological amazing devices.
When I think about the technological evolution during the war, only one thing came to my mind, and here is the link:

I saw this some years ago. I am not sure if it is a set up or it is real, sometimes fiction can also reach the real world. This is a Russian video during the Cold War in where they want to show the technological evolution that they have to United Stated. They toke a dog and make his body with mechanical and technological devices, making a kind of biorobotic dog.