Freedom ship

I found that plug-in city is interesting, and I started think about robotic cities critically. Despite the fact that all fascinating gadgets are for human’s better life, It seems that people are becoming a robot because of robotic city.

Anyway, here is a picture and information of freedom ship which was included a floating city project. If people can live in there, it would be more interesting but just like going on a round-the-world cruise ūüėõ

Freedom Ship¬†was a¬†floating city¬†project initially proposed in the late 1990s.¬†It was so named because of the “free” international lifestyle facilitated by a mobile ocean colony, though the project would not have been a conventional ship, but rather a series of linked¬†barges.

The Freedom Ship project envisioned a 1,317m (0.818 miles)-long integrated city with condominium housing for 50,000 people, an airstrip to accommodate turboprop aircraft, duty-free shopping and other facilities, large enough to require rapid transit. The complex would circumnavigate the globe continuously, stopping regularly at ports of call.

both information and the picture are from Wikipedia. Thanks!