Everything’s linked


Nobody could deny that we live in a network, but we have always been in a kind of network regarding to the society and the whole world around. The technology has actually reduced the time to transmit and convey information and can even save it on our own machine or a server somewhere on the planet. Everything is linked and maybe is eternal on the internet. Today the problem doesn’t strike us because internet is a bud that roughly bloomed a decade ago, that is to say, what will become to all of those datas amassed during decades in the future ? For us, no past exists on the internet because the past is being built, but someday ancestors will cohabit with new fellows.

Having a full control of the more developed technology has always been a priority for states in order to exhibit their power, for instance the first man on the moon has deeply make an impression of what Amercia can accomplish. We could also find lots of examples of inventions that had first a use on the battleground because there were no other interest before but serving the power. And also because the money was merely granted for researches that nurtured the same power. After that, private compagny could make profit on it.

With the development of technologies we have reached a point where war doesn’t (only) take place in reality but also virtually. That situation avoids therefore physical injuries but can provoke huge damages, because as everybody must know, almost everything works with computers. So economy, transports, medias, life are directly liked to computers. Conflicts turned sneaky and even if the amount of soldiers visibly never decreases, the amount of computer engineers employed by governments is skyrocketing, becoming the facedown of this new kind of struggle, and the priority for governments to maintain their interest. For the moment, we only see some invasions in servers, more or less important, from people elsewhere in the world, that doesn’t really make sens. However, regarding to some serious situation for example with Stuxnet (and then Flame, seemingly more virulent), the virus sent to Iran to stop (or slow down) the political/security conflict in middle east, we are just at the begining of a new conflict era that takes place in the cloud, wondering what will happen next.



A soldier before

And a soldier now: