World Wide War

Powerful weapon surrounding our everyday life.

In the past, there were various and enormous wars. At that time, the country, has developed powerful weapons secretly, could not but won. Thus, it has been competitive to develop new, better and more powerful weapons between countries. This competitive situation led arms race, especially between the US and the Soviet Union, during the cold war era. It became more and more competitive, and finally the arms race ahs become a greater source of insecurity, which conducted in the quest for security at the beginning. Similarly, battlefield appeared in digital way based on Internet, in these days. People have been able to access a huge amount of information easily through internet, so most people have had more positive thought of searching information on the internet than negative one. Also, it becomes new and powerful invisible weapons rather than visible weapons. It means, country or people will be the winner who have more information a secret unknown not only to the public, but to the enemy(kind of). Thus, nowadays countries or people compete for the preoccupancy of essential information invisibly. However, it was becoming more and more dangerous due to a massive amount of information. In other words, although nobody knows where the each of a vast amount of information is come from, and it might be a total sham, people take information as it is through the internet.

In addition, the network system also became distributed without centre point. As Social Network Service, especially twitter and facebook, became popular, a lot of people were connected each other, even if they just know each other indirectly through their directly known friends. Thus, SNS often rescue a person from danger, such as suicide, crime, medical emergency and so on, by “Retweet” and “Like” through twitter and facebook. However, unfortunately, the network changes produce new crime opportunities. For example, a lot of crimes were committed by a person who used names and identities of one’s friends in real-life in his/her impostures.