a party of scientists and artists

This is not only a war; it is also a war for scientists. Everyone absolutely does not like the war, as it is quite horrible for the world. People would be die, economic would be reduce, and environment would be destroyed during the war. Nevertheless, a certain advantage, invention also represent in the war, such as fire arrow,microwave oven , and so on.

Personally, this is a “scientists war” which is not wrong, nonetheless, I insist that invention was happened every second in our life, which depend on what human being ask for recently, and what is the most popular problem in the society nowadays. War is a significant special situation in the historic, which would extend the demand of human being and society. The main motive power is that every country wants to win the GAME! This kind of requirement makes them create or redesign tons of useful and fascinating intentions. For example: the explosive, which was invented for firework thousand years ago. War is angle, but it is also is an evil!!

War not only create the invention, it also makes lots of fantastic artwork in normal life. Several days ago, I have been to Windsor, I saw many weapon were hanging on the wall and ceiling of the Windsor castle. War definitely developed the science,however, it developed the art as well. There are many extraordinary arts in the weapon, uniform and so on.