There are lots of Chinese young men who like to stay at home and spend many times on Internet in recent years. Many people misunderstand the term “indoorsman” equal to “otaku” which is from Japan. People are realized that when teenagers spend over eight hours per day on computer usually named as “indoorsman”, while “otaku” in Japanese term used for an honorific second-person pronoun and it refers to people who in the age of 20 to 40 year-old with obsessive specific interests. “Indoorsy” directly refers from the Chinese character ‘zhai’ which is associated as ‘home’, that means a person spend most of considerable time at home or any indoor place. The group of people is between 15 to 35 years old. This phenomenon results from modernization. Technology and Internet impact them the most. These people use computers but do nothing.

Many people argue that there is nothing wrong with being indoorsy and it is a trend because of the fast-paced development of Internet and technology. People are talking about efficiency rather than sociality and it is true. And many people are just having this kind of personality which refer to quiet and not talkative. In fact, this is a significant characteristic of traditional Chinese people. So it is fare enough to say there is no need to be the social kind if you are not.

From web designers and interactive designers’ perspective, it would be paradoxical if they are talking about the responsibility of society and the connection between people. It is because there is a design principle in interaction design – human-centered. Being an interactive designer, enhancing users’ experience is very important. Great user interface and interaction can really make people indulge in their own world. Designers are always creating new interactive design approach or solution for individuals rather than for society. So, the better the designers do, the more “indoorsy” we can be.

By the way, I found so many paradoxical questions bring by technology. For instance, the invention of navigation result in a bad sense of direction of human.

Well, technology is somehow like a drug. Once it was being invented, audience who need it gets excited. They keep using the drug and just don’t know the side effect.