We are sensitive human!

We are sensitive human! 

Humans have emotions,humans are sensitive, but machine just a machine whatever it is a automaton or a computer. Since the dawn of time,humans have a conflicted relationship with machines, we enjoy the conveniences that machines bring up and we fear that we are instead of by them one day. I don’t know why human being afraid of them? Because the endless of human’s desire or  we were born of sensitive?or we have placed much emotions into them already?


Did you still remember there was a very popular mechanical device which called  Tamagotchi pets appeared in the market since 1996? I had got one. Tamagotchi pets require constant attention, including feeding, playtime, grooming and training. I had been spending all my time to take care of my mechanical pets and put my enmotions into this virtual world, but it was still dead one day. I was very upset and felt bad. but Tamagotchi pet felt nothing, when I re- click the star  button, a new happy mechanical pet came out form the incubator. We always forget machine they dont have emotion, but human always does. we are sensitive beings, there is nothing wrong with machines!


There was another story.I’ve seen a movie which called ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ last year. The whole story was talking about a 12-year-old boy Hugo was trying to repair a mechanical man automation that supposedly could write a message.This automaton was the only connection between he and his dead father and he supposed that this automan would convey a message from his father and take him to somewhere. Hugo is a mechanical madman. he continues the work on the automaton from his father’s notebook, stealing what supplies he can from the passengers and storeclerks in the station. When it is finished, however, it is still missing one part; a heart-shaped key that goes into the back of the automaton to make it work.when he finally found the key and the automaton was telling nothing about his father, but a sad story about Georges Méliès, who was a French illusionist and filmmaker famous for leading many technical and narrative developments in the earliest days of cinema. he was very sad about the automaton. Georges Méliès also very sad when he saw the automaton, because he had put too much emotions to it and it represented his best memories and his film career, but he was a nobody working in a toyshop.


From this movie, I realized how weak human beings are when we have placed too much emotions and desires to machine. but machine is still there,isn’t it? made by some kind of cold material.they won’t explain to you or comfort you. we should wake up and be happy! They are never instead of us and we are not supposed to rely on it.It is just a tool or something else!