Machines for whom?

“Speech, sound, and music are suddenly come under human control.”

Machines have been developed for better communication. Speech, sound and music became under human control as the development of gramophone. People could record their natural voice, music and speech on the gramophone. Thus, they could communicate with the others who were not with them when they recorded something. Also, this kind of  recording helped people who had a sight disability and gave various opportunities to imagine by listening recorded things. Moreover, for the hearing-impaired, photography of speech was provided by Georges Demeny. I heard that this way to communicate with the hearing-impaired is still used by many people.

I would like to talk bit more about film. Compared to film between in the past and these days, we can realise that how much the machines have been developed until now. In the past, there were all black-and-white films. Although actor or actress only performed with face acting and action without dialogue in the film, and then the separated subscribe for each scene was provided, it was enough to be understood by the audience.

even this clip include the content of Machine, so funny 😀

It is interesting to mention that even myself, familiar with developed film, there are not many difficulties to understand. However, a variety of machines, such as for lighting, for recording voice, a cine camera, cinefilm and so on, have developed incredibly, nowadays audience became watch coloured film with both scene and dialogue included subscribe under the screen.


Nowadays, gramophone is one of antique thing so that it is difficult to find or buy. Thus, in my point of view, the machines which were developed in the past are no longer the method of communication, even though current machines are based on them. It is both fascinating and scaring to live with developed machines and developing machines, because if people can not follow the speed of development, they would be able to have a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication.