The revolution of Communication


From the lecture of “ Machines: History and hardware”,I was curiosity about the invention of the machines effect on the historical development.

After doing some research, I listed five great inventions and also include their effect on the historical of communication development.

1. Telegraph: In 1835, American painter Morse after three years of studying came out the first telegraph. The invention of the telegraph creating a history of human use electricity to transmit information.

2. Telephone set: Antonio Meucci invented the telephone in 1860. It is a remote communications device that can send and receive sound. The early telephone principle: the sound of the vibration of the composite material in air. By electrical pulses, passing on a conductive metal and transferred to the solid.

3. Phonograph: In 1877, American inventor Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. It is an album machine of the sounds produced. Its sound stored in album plane carved curved engraved tank, based on acoustic method.

4. Computer: It is a machine of use of the electronic theory, based on a series of instructions to processing data. The development of the computer along with the widespread dissemination of text, images, sound and video.

5. Mobile phone:In 1973, Motorola launched a mobile phone. Smart phones, which includes personal digital assistants, game consoles, MP3, camera, sound recording, global positioning system and connect to the Internet. It implements a fast communication of information.