Evil Machines… not really

I thought that it is always the same argument and the same thought – We influence machines, because we make and create them. Then they influence us and the way we live changes. Is that really bad?!
I don’t think so and I am also not to worried. It is the progress and progress mostly means there is a new technology or a new mechanical device for something. Did we rather Eddison didn’t invent the wachs roll to record sound? Would it have been better nuclear energy has been stayed undiscovered? There is always two sided to each story, every invention has good as well as negatives aspects  and changes the world we live in. It depends how we use them, but progression is natural. I don’t mind to be reachable anytime with a mobile phone, if I don’t want to I switch it off. It is ok to be connected with the world through the internet, I just have to be careful with my data. As I say, technology and machines should be to our advantage and they mostly are, it is down to us how we use them and how integrated they are in our daily lifes!