The apparition of the machines world with industrial revolution comes with a change in the communication of arts. In this week´s talk with Ken Hollings one of the aspects that has been analyze is the machine and its relation with the mechanical movements in the different expressions types, giving as an example Maria´s dance in metropolis or the dancers movements in the Swan Lake. We can also find this mechanics symbols in techno music, modern images, films, theatre, etc. It is interesting to me that we feel ourselves identify with the mechanical sounds or images, even more than nature images or sound. John Cage mention once that we can understand better the sound of traffic than the sound of classic music, because is a sound of our time, it is talking about now.

A year ago (more o less) I went to see a representation of “Der Ring des Nibelungen” of Wagner and I was so surprised because of the mix between mechanical and natural movements. The giants were mechanic platforms while the gods danced in the water with flutter and natural movements.

Another good example of mechanic representations that refer to machine age is the hammers scene on Pink Floyds movie “The wall”, were the use of a manual tool marching mechanical and systematically represents the decadence of a new freedom control age. This example has been normally related with slavery, destruction of individual think, elimination of intellectual think and freedom. For instance, in 1984 we can see an scene where all the workers are supporting their leader with a mechanical gesture that represent the slavery of the thoughts.

Metropolis case is similar: Maria dances to alienate the men and convince them, and so, to destroy the big city and create chaos. Other scene where this happens is when the workers walk at the same time (similary to the hammers scene in The Wall), going into an elevator that goes down to the machines world (inferior to the big city world). All this examples use the symbols of the machines or mechanical movements to talk about the decadence of society and the human slavery.