To fail is to learn.

In real life when desitions are made, there is no ctrl Z. The good thing about it is that we don´t really need it! To fail is necesary to grow and learn. Actually, Ctrl Z is a new tool, design existed before this, and it is ok, because it is natural to make mistakes.

Chet Faliszer mentioned in a conference about working in the videogame industry: “Just make something, because you´ll never learn until you´ll start it”. He was encouraging people to start whatever they have in mind, without fears. The reason why you´ll never learn until you start it, is because people learn from their mistakes. When you start a project, you descover new questions you didn´t ask yourselve before, there are new huges problems to solve, and new desitions. It doesn´t matter if you fail because you already ride the road once, you can do it again.

I think that the first idea always fails, and that is why you keep thinking and thinking, and them something else comes up. That is how great ideas happens. That is, when you fail you live failure in first person, and you learn, and so that lesson will direct you into succeed. Everybody make mistakes, and is important to reconize the mistake, to find the correct road.

To fail is a need for those who take risks. Design is linked to failure, creativity is linked to failure, because every creation is a desitions that is not aproved yet. Sharing ideas means two possibilities: To fail or to succeed.

A great Spanish philosopher called Miguel de Unamuno said “To hammer once in the nail, you have to hammer 100 times the horseshoe”.