Do we need Technology for Communication Design? Is the design thinking today as important as the skills to convey it? And how to keep up with new programs and equipment? I am not sure myself to be honest. All I know so far is, that I am expected to be as many things as possible: Specialism vs. Diversity – not sure which one wins. Not that long ago jobs have been a lot more allocated. The Designer had the idea and worked on the concept. Then there have been technicians and specialist for everything: typography and type setting, photography and the crafty ‘photoshop’ person who did it all manual before computers have been out, print… Now it seems that those jobs still exist, but boundaries are also a lot more interwoven and different specialities have been brought together in the adobe suit. So Technology is important and the output has to be just as spot on as the concept. It’s a challenge to keep up with everything and it might not even be possible. But a general knowledge or awareness of what technological innovation are out there seems to be necessary and maybe find a nice person who can explain it to you.