Quality VS Quantity

According to nowadays technology, people had served by a lot of media. But too many choice doesn’t mean that all a good choice, sometime “Quality more important than Quantity”

In Wednesday’s lecture, there had a sentence that inspire me “we view the present through a rearview mirror – we march backwards into the future” by Marshall Mcluhan. In my opinion future just period of time that will be past in future, it does’t mean all new technology stuff or new medium will be better than everything from the past. Few years ago, somebody told me that after the Kindle and IPad had been released. Book will die, but in fact book has been survived more than 5,000 year B.C. and in my opinion it will be survived until the end of the world. There has a very famous writer in Thai, his name was Pinyo Traisuriyathamma. He suggest that human not like alates, and don’t have nature to watch LCD screen in long period of time. Sometimes reading book was more than content that you had, but it include relative and had meditation that IPad cannot give it to you.