This short article is about the lecture on Wednesday, which only shows two personal opinions here.


Media is nothing if there is no technology

Does Technology play a vital role for media or is media virtually transformed by the technology? The notion always was surrounding my mind after I had a lecture from Ken. Through the history of media development,there are much obvious relationship between media and technology. I personally, we need to distinguish the disparity between the technology and the use of technology. Basically, there is no the progress and advance of the human civilization from the technology. Nonetheless, these is definite a decisive impression, as people used a technology in a certain area. For instance, many families had TV in their home many yeas ago, after then, people created TV programs and TV programs became a media in our life. If there is no TV set, TV programs were disappeared. Media just is nothing.

Media is nothing if there are no imagination and experience

Marshall claim that media is an extension of the eye. I believe that this build on our imagnation or experience. During the technology ages, we had extended our central nervous system itself in the global village. Media will be nothing if we cannot or do not imagine that clothing is an extension of the skin, tyre is an extension of the eye and electric circuitry is an extension of the central nervous system. There is little possibility of using such concept about the extension of man without own all of them each. Any extension, whether of skin, hand, or foot, affects the whole psychic and social complex.

“Media is a massage”, actually, the correct sentence is “media is a message”, which was spelled in a wrong way by a typer. I significantly trust on that if we do not have imagnation or experience we cannot see the message.

Anyway, I just think Marshall’s opinion is a little bit extreme sometimes; nevertheless, he definitely is a great prophet. Now, several inferences of his are true.