Key words: Medium, Technology, Future.

The lecture is mainly about the original media theorist of the 20th century, Marshall Mcluhan.

In my opinion, “the extensions of god” means the production of media is the creation of a social “new dimension”, and the emergence of a new media always mean a new extension,bringing the change of message. For instance, before the appearance of the printed medium, face-to-face is very common  in interpersonal communication. While print media breakthrough the limited time and space of face-to-face communication, prompting people to interpret and thinking more sophisticated and complex printed symbols. The popularity of the electronic media, is even more cause revolutionary changes in the global life.

The concept of global village was mentioned in the lecture, and the main meaning of the “global village” is not referring to the developed media cause the planet becomes smaller,but means the significant changes in the way people interaction, as well as the social and cultural patterns. Transport developed cause urbanization of the original villages on Earth, and interrupt the direct contacts person-to-person. From direct and colloquial exchanges to the non-direct interaction of text.

Technology is the impetus of the media development. Telephone achieves sound transmission, television contains the time and space. There will be more media in the future, but the media does not exist independently and an media always act as content of another media.