Do we live in a conservatory garden?

Do we live in a conservatory garden?

In Marshall McLuhan’s theory, the meaning of the “Global Village” does not refer to the advanced medium makes Earth become smaller, but refers to the significant changes of communication way of people.

In my opinion, in terms of the new medium “Internet”, it does not make human freedom. On the contrary, it restrain people’s actions in a invisible transparent space.

In the modern society,people easy to be isolated and helpless. People prefer to communicate in a virtual world,it seems single and convenience. As a result, some of us have lost the ability to communicate in the real world.

It is regrettably that people do not realize that their behaviours are not changed by the content, but the medium( Internet).The medium is the message.The medium is like a conservatory garden, surrounded by a transparent wall blocking the real and the virtual world.