Are you a happy victim of medium?

While my friends were reading Mcluhan’s theory, I was watching the Gangnam style video on youtube. Being a mass medium, it’s fair enough that youtube need a high click rate to survive. However, messages on youtube are so diverse and overwhelming. All the information have already become fragments. People tend to be entertained by videos rather than learning useful knowledges from them. We are utterly being ruined under these junk information.

In this global village, we share junk messages, we chat with Jane Doe and John Doe through cell phone when we are with friends in reality, we check junk mails when we are working… We become the victim of these lifestyle-changing mediums. However, we are happy and keep doing it every day of our lives and we can not deny it.

Medium is message. So viral video is the message of which kind? We should think about it. A saying in “A Historical Approach to the Media” written by Mcluhan says that if we weren’t “to go on being helpless illiterates” in the new world of technology, passive victims as the “media themselves act directly toward shaping our most intimate self-consciousness,” then we had to adopt the attitude of the artist.