The changes in the Media

The first contextual lecture was about media and Marshall McLuhan who laid the foundation stone of media theory. According to his theory, a representative medium of the time always exists and it can be transferred. I totally agree with his thoughts.

In terms of advertising, which is my main interest, It is very essential to choose the media because the proper media can lead the successful outcome. Thus, the trend which reflects the interest in media of the public have changed over the past centuries from print ads to commercial messages (CM). Also, in early 2000s, this trend was shifted from these media to online advertising. The reason of this change is that a lot of modern people were becoming too busy to have enough time to spend time watching television. As a result, many of advertising agencies developed efficient and cost-effective way to advertising; online. It brought quite successful results, but unfortunately compared to online advertising market, the television commercial market is losing the ground. For me, it’s quite bitter harvest, because I think the television commercial is the most interesting things among all kind of advertisements.

[O2 ad on facebook, an example of online ad. If you click the play button, you can watch full video ad-not here :P]

Nowadays, the trend is shifting to outdoor advertising once more. In South Korea, outdoor advertising is not as same common as in UK, United States and Europe, so this trend is really fascinating to me. There is a successful example of outdoor advertising below which won the Media Grand Pix at the 2011 Canne International Advertising Festival of Creativity for Homeplus virtual store campaign.

Don’t you think this creativity is so amazing? I was shocked when I saw this advertisement at the underground station in Korea. Additionally, although this sort of advertising was in the past, it seems different and new media.

Honestly, I’m little bit scared of the changing trend because I’m the person who think the more media develop, the lazier people become, even though these kind of changes in the media is fascinating.

Thanks 🙂