—> erutuf —>

After the lecture on wednesday I thought about the “digital age” and about what it actually is. Everybody is talking about the progress in technology and what is possible in the next 5 to 10 years. There are people thinking about this topic now and there were people thinkng about it many years ago but all of them had something  in common – they expected much more proceedings in specific space of time than actually happend.

The “things” the future should include are actually always similar. The newspaper is getting interactive, the billboards are plasma displays, the pc’s are just clear glasplates, all automobiles are able to fly and so on.

This made me think about the movie “Back to the Future”. The movie was made in 1985 but it is still comparable to movies about the future from nowadays.

All in a nutshell i think that the future in advertisement, communication and design depend on the future of technology and this is very difficult to anticipate I guess.